A Morning Photoshoot with Rosco LitePads

We discovered Emma Davies, a commercial and fine art flower photographer, on Twitter. She had expressed interest in trying out some of our LitePads on an upcoming photoshoot – so we made her dreams come true and sent over some LitePad Axioms for her to try. Below is Emma’s report on the results of that floral photoshoot:

A throwaway tweet during #blogphotochat a couple of months ago led to Rosco getting in touch and offering to let me try their LitePads.

LitePads are basically portable north facing windows. They are a flat screen that gives out daylight balanced soft light. In short, a food, product or portrait photographer’s dream. All that advice you are given to shoot in indirect natural daylight? These LitePads allow you to do that all day and all night - all year long.

You can use them as your main light source:

Or dial the intensity down and use as fill:

The LEDs are so well designed - you can shoot straight into them without seeing any individual lights.

They were heavier than I thought - you can’t hold them with one hand. But they are easy to prop up or use with a light stand or on a tripod:

I thought they might be too bright, and give harsh shadows - or that if you moved them away to soften the shadows, they wouldn’t be bright enough. Neither of these were true - they really do give a beautifully soft, natural light all day or night long.

ISO200, f4.5, 1/100th, 100mm lens

To see more images from Emma Davies, visit emmadaviesphotography.com where you can also sign up to receive a free photo lesson every week.  Seeing as it's where we found her, we'd be remiss if we didn't remind you Follow Emma on Twitter.  You can also find her on Facebook and Instagram.


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