We’ve Got A Machine For That - 10 Uses for Rosco’s Vapour Series Fog & Haze Machines!

1. Show Off Your Awesome Beams of Light

Whether you’re lighting inside a nightclub, a theatre with a few hundred seats or Madison Square Garden, the Rosco V-Hazer provides reliable, smooth haze to capture beams of light to build illuminated texture on any stage.

2. Create Special Effects for Theatre

Using fog on stage is great for obscuring scene changes, concealing an entrance or exit from the stage or creating a visceral mood to wow an audience - and the features inside the Vapour Fog Machine allow it to meet the demands of any production. Sometimes, the fogger needs to be located in tight quarters, such as underneath a platform or inside a piece of scenery. The compact size of the Mini-V Fog Machine makes it the perfect solution for placing a fog machine wherever a scene needs it. All four of the Vapour Series machines have been tested for use in professional theatrical productions and are included under the Equipment-Based Guidelines of the Equity-League Pension and Health Trust Funds.


3. Create Special Effects On-Camera

Whether you’re shooting a feature film, a television show, a music video or a commercial, special effects help create the right atmosphere for the actors and build the world where the story is being told. The continuous operation of the Vapour and the next-to-silent operation of the V-Hazer make both of them an excellent choice for keeping soundstages filled with fog and haze. In a world of “we’ll add it in post,” creating fog effects with a Rosco Vapour fog or haze machine is still the most cost-effective process because a similar effect can be difficult and expensive to lay in digitally. All four of the Rosco Vapour machines comply with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers Safety Bulletin #10.


4. Add Spooky Atmospherics Into Haunted Houses & Mazes

There’s nothing scarier than the fear of the unknown, especially when there really is a monster hiding in a cloud of fog right around the corner! The Vapour not only runs continuously to fill haunts and mazes, but it’s also designed with easy-to-use maintenance features that allow it to run for hours on end on chilly October nights.


5. Add a Touch of Mystique Into Your Photography

Adding fog into your photographic imagery will shape light, capture color and add drama into your next photo shoot. The Mini-V is lightweight and simple to use, making it ideal for moving around the studio or toting into a location. The high-volume, continuous output of the Vapour makes it an excellent choice for filling larger spaces and for creating fog in outdoor photographic locations.


6. Excite The Crowd With A Dramatic Entrance

There is no better way to get a crowd fired up for the big game than having the home team make a spectacular entrance through a huge wall of fog. In order to generate the proper impact, the fog effect needs to be big, impressive and fast – the massive burst of the Vapour Plus accomplishes this task perfectly.


7. Create Effective Smoke Simulation for Safety Training

Fire Departments, Military Bases and International Airports are only a few of the agencies that need to create realistic smoke simulation for search & rescue and preparedness training. The Vapour and its continuous output is a great choice to fill indoor spaces like training buildings and trailers. The high-volume output of the Vapour Plus makes it the machine of choice for generating simulated smoke in outdoor training venues.


8. Leak Testing HVAC Ductwork

Eliminating leakage in a building's HVAC ductwork improves airflow efficiency and helps keep heating and cooling costs down. Introducing fog into the ductwork is the easiest way to identify leaks by making them easily visible. The Mini-V is easy to use, easy to transport and even small enough to fit right inside larger ductwork.


9. Make Some Magic!

If magic really is “smoke and mirrors,” then we’ve got the smoke covered! Add drama to your magical act – no matter how big your stage is. A fast burst of dense, quick dissipating fog from the Vapour Plus using Rosco Stage & Studio Fog Fluid will masquerade the art of making you, your assistant or even a member of the audience disappear and/or reappear (mirrors sold separately).


10. Create Cryogenic-Like Effects

CO2 and other cryogenic fog effects look great but require bulky tanks and hoses. The Vapour Plus produces CO2 like effects using Rosco's Stage & Studio quick dissipating fluid.  It's a fraction of the size of most CO2 systems and doesn't need the cost and hassle of the external tanks.  This easy-to-use machine comes with a unique bottle carriage that enables it to be mounted vertically or horizontally, which allows you to easily aim the fog burst where it's needed.

No matter how you use fog, there is a Vapour fog or haze machine ready for you:The Mini-V, Vapour, Vapour Plus and V-Hazer

We would love to see any photos or videos you’ve got of our fog machines in action. Post them up on our Facebook page or tweet them to @Rosco_Labs. If you need more technical information on any of these machines, visit the Rosco Vapour product page on our website, or contact your local Rosco dealer to arrange a demo today.








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