All Of The GAM Products You Love – Where You Need Them, When You Want Them

When Rosco & GAM merged this spring, there was an outpouring of support from customers expressing their love for their favorite GAM products.  In this Spectrum post we’re going to highlight some of the items that are especially exciting additions to Rosco’s portfolio of products.

GAM Gobos

The Great American Market opened in 1975 selling The Great American Pattern, a range of off-the-shelf stainless steel gobos.  Over the years, GAM has continued to add beautiful, creative and useful patterns – many of which are still among the most popular gobo designs used today.  Soon their “Shadowplay” catalog became a necessity for lighting designers around the world.  Today, the combined libraries of Rosco and GAM standard gobos – including more than 150 new Rosco designs added earlier this year – contain more than 2500 designs to choose from.  Even better for you, Rosco and GAM gobos are manufactured in the same facilities and are shipped from the same warehouses, making it easy to get the GAM Gobo you need: in any size, glass or steel – anywhere in the world.

GAM TwinSpin

Throughout the years, it was common to hear a customer ask for “Rosco TwinSpins.”  Within Rosco’s offices, that request was always a bit awkward since we’d much rather have a designer ask for a DHA Rotator, or Vortex 360.  But now that the GAM TwinSpin has joined our existing "fleet," we appreciate what a great brand the TwinSpin is and are pleased to add it to our gobo rotator offerings.  With the wide range of features available from the many rotator styles available, you can create virtually any gobo effect on any size budget.  If you need an affordable gobo turning effect, choose the Simple Spin, Vortex 360 or TwinSpin. If you need more control to create more complex effects, choose the Revo , RevoPRO or an Indexing TwinSpin.  No matter which rotator you choose, the answer to the customers’ request for a Rosco TwinSpin is now quite simple – “Sure, how many do you need?”

GAM BlackWrap

Another GAM product we’re excited to offer through Rosco is GAM BlackWrap.  If the TwinSpin is the “Xerox®” to gobo rotators, then BlackWrap is the “Kleenex®” to matte black foil used to shape and block light.  For years, Rosco’s Cinefoil product was known on film sets as “BlackWrap in the blue box.”  So, it’s understandable that one of the most frequently asked questions we’ve gotten since the merger is: “Are you guys keeping BlackWrap or Cinefoil?”  The answer, for now, is both.  Despite the fact that the products perform equally well, some customers prefer Cinefoil and some prefer Blackwrap.  So for the foreseeable future, we plan on making both brands available so that our customers can get exactly the product they prefer to use on their projects.

BlackWrap also adds another Technical Emmy Award™ winning product to our shelves.  For those of you keeping count, this brings Rosco’s tally of prestigious industry awards to 6!  Four Sci-Tech Academy Awards™ and two Technical Emmies.

Innovative GAM Production Tools

One of the reasons the merger between Rosco and GAM makes so much sense is that both companies have a legacy of creating clever, simple, elegant solutions to solve technical problems on set.  GAM products like the GamChek - an electrical testing tool that no TD or electrician should be without, the GAM Stik-up - a great way to add a little light backstage or into an orchestra pit, and WindowGrip - an inventive way to adhere color filters like CTO, Neutral Density, or UV Filter to windows, are three of GAM’s most innovative solutions that are now available wherever Rosco products are sold.

We truly do appreciate all the positive feedback we’ve received since the March announcement about GAM joining Rosco.  It was a great business decision and we’re very happy with the results.  But the real winner in this merger has been you, the end-user.  All of these great GAM products are now available to you through Rosco’s worldwide dealer network. So no matter what your favorite GAM Product is, it’s easier than ever before to get it into your hands, and onto your set, anywhere on the planet.

Joel Svendsen September 12, 2013 Questions?

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