Creating My Fairytale Wedding with Rosco

By Chanda Goldsworthy

Having worked at Rosco for over 7 years now, not a day goes by that I don’t see a building, movie or theatre production that doesn’t involve a Rosco product in one way or another.  So, of course I would turn to my Rosco friends and colleagues to add some elegance and special effects to my wedding.


Me with my new husband Michael.


Of course there were going to be gobos at my reception.  I looked at Rosco's online Wedding Gobo App to design a custom steel gobo for our event, but I had my heart set on projecting our engagement photo in the reception hall as a part of the décor.  I’d seen and heard about our customers using the iPro Image Projector to accomplish this and was excited to incorporate the idea into my wedding.


The Rosco iPro Image Projector with a custom iPro Slide made from my engagement photo.


The technology is pretty simple. The iPro enables you to project images that are ink jet printed onto a Rosco iPro Slide using a standard, theatrical gobo projector. I was able to easily turn our engagement photo into an iPro Slide by printing it out onto a piece of iPro Slide Film and mounting it into an iPro Slide Kit.  I had to make sure the slide looked great, seeing as I’m a graphic designer here at Rosco!  I must have done something right because my mother’s eyes welled with tears of joy when she walked in and saw that image projected in the reception hall.


Our projected engagement photo greeted our guests as they arrived at the reception.


Rosco offers hundreds of stock images for the iPro.  But, if you still can’t find what you’re looking for, you can make it yourself like I did (it’s easy, I promise).  Or, if you'd rather, Rosco has a team of graphic artists like me who can turn virtually any photo, graphic, logo or illustration into a custom iPro Slide for you.


My purple bouquet!


The dominant color in my wedding theme was purple. I had purple flowers, purple bridesmaid’s dresses, purple ribbon, you name it.  So, you have to believe that, thanks to Rosco, I was going to have purple lighting for my big day.  The room our reception was being held in was like any other standard ballroom – lifeless and uninspiring.  Adding Roscolux #348 to the uplights along the wall not only tied the room into my purple design scheme but it also turned it into a room with elegance and pizzazz.


Adding purple to the uplights turned a plain old reception hall into my royal ballroom.


LitePad Loop is quite possibly one of my favorite new products at Rosco! I provided one for our wedding photographer and invited him to experiment with it.  And boy, did he!  The Loop hardly ever came off his camera as he used it to capture precious memories from our special day, including close-ups of the cake, my dress & hair, the rings and, oh yeah – me!  I was SO grateful for the LitePad Loop during all of those close-up shots because it didn’t blind me like a flash would have.  I could look straight at the camera for hours, painlessly and without squinting. My photographer was blown away by how easy it was to use and he was impressed with the beautiful soft light it created.  Seeing as how I received a new camera as a wedding gift, I think LitePad Loop just might be on my Christmas wish list.


Our photographer shooting close-ups of our cake with LitePad Loop.


I’ll admit, this next part is a little over-the-top – but I am so glad we did it!  We brought in a Rosco 1700 Fog Machine and a Coldflow to generate a low-lying fog effect for our first dance.  My new husband and I were a little nervous about becoming the center of attention as we danced in front of all of our guests.  The fog not only created a comforting barrier between us and the 150 people staring at us, but it also added a touch of mystique to the pictures of the love birds in their first heavenly moment as man and wife.  Like I said, I’m so glad we went with it.  The fog made us feel like we were dancing on a cloud – which made it one of the most magical and memorable moments of the evening.


Michael and I dancing on a cloud.


Planning a wedding takes a lot of thought and dedication, and let’s face it fellas…it’s usually 90% girlpower. With the help of my Rosco family, I felt a little less burdened with the stress, which helped me avoid becoming BrideZilla.  Plus, the outcome was better than I ever expected!  Thank you Rosco, for bringing my dream of a fairytale wedding to life!

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