A New Rosco Website Includes A New Resource For Lighting Designers

by Stan Schwartz, Executive Vice President

On May 21st Rosco launched its upgraded website.

The website contains scores of pages about the company’s multiple product lines.  It has been upgraded to make it easier and faster for visitors to navigate within the product pages and among the product lines.

You’ll also find it easier to find and access all the tech sheets, MSDS forms, video demos, color comparison charts and anything else you want to know about a product.

The upgraded website also contains an exciting new feature:  The Color Resource Gallery.  This is a searchable collection of over 1,000 stage pictures, most including brief descriptions, written by the designers on why they chose the colors they did … just the sort of  explanation designers are often called on to give to directors!

The online Gallery is designed to complement the research most lighting designers have to do before they create the palette for a show or an event.  You can search the Gallery, for example, by one of six types of productions, such as opera, play, dance, etc.  Or by the reason for the color selection, such as time of day, color correction or to create a mood.  You can even type in the name of a production, such as A Streetcar Named Desire and you might just be lucky enough to find a stage picture from that production in the gallery.

The Color Resource Gallery includes contributions from such world class designers as Sarah Sidman, Thomas Hase, Herrick Goldman, Al Crawford, Keith Parham and many others.  It also includes some electrifying stage pictures from the unsung designers in colleges or regional theatres. You can still submit photos of your productions that used Rosco color (and get a cool color coffee mug as a thank you). Submit your photos and info here and your work will be added to the Color Resource Gallery!

And it’s all there, all free, in the upgraded Rosco website: www.rosco.com

Joel Svendsen May 23, 2012 Questions?

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