Let The World Know About The Scenery or Props You've Built

And get some great swag from Rosco in return!

Some truly innovative work is being done in scene and prop shops all over the country.  Perhaps in your shop!

We’d like to make that work more widely known – and give you and your colleagues the credit they deserve.

Share the case history with us, in step by step photos, and a brief text description.   We’ll post it on the Rosco web site and, in some cases, broadcast it around the world by sending it to our data bases of theatre, display and event professionals.  It would give the accomplishments  of your shop – and your program –some excellent publicity.

In exchange for you sharing your work, we’ll reward you with a unique Rosco t-shirt.


Send us the work, we’ll send you this shirt!


A good example of the type of case history we’re looking for is the one shown here, where the staff of the Milwaukee Public Museum created a unique environment using Rosco FoamCoat:

This is not a contest.  There are no winners or losers and no one will judge your work (although a lot of people may admire it!)  Everyone who submits photos and text, will get a t-shirt.  The only requirement is that a Rosco coating or paint product played a significant role in the creation of the scenic piece or prop.

Send us the work you’re proud of and let us share it with the scenic world.  Use the online submission form at http://www.rosco.com/scenicideas/

Joel Svendsen March 12, 2012 Questions?

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