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If you are unable to get to USITT in Long Beach this year, our social media outlets will be a great way to experience the show remotely. For those of you unable to attend, our booth will feature a stunning tree that is made up of multiple different substrates and coated using all of our various scenic coating products to give the various foliage elements richer textures. Plus, it will be lit using the subtle, rustling foliage effect showcased in our RoscoEffects YouTube Channel. For those of you lucky souls making the trip to Long Beach later this week, be sure to come by booth #1100 because - You Gotta See This Tree!

Whether you're attending the show or not, be sure to follow Rosco on Twitter during the show - we'll be taking pictures of booth visitors posing with the tree and you can join the conversation by following the hashtag #meandthetree. You can also follow all of the USITT activity by following the hashtag #USITT2012.

The USITT action has already begun on The Rosco Facebook Page where we are teasing two new scenic products that we will release at the show. Here are a couple of hints for you:

One product knocks down price and storage-space barriers for scenic paint.


The other product forms a protective barrier to protect your scenery from fire.

Both products will be introduced on Facebook later this week, so if you're a scenic painter, drama teacher, technical director or just enjoy loitering around the scene shop - you'll want to keep an eye out for both of the introductory Facebook posts.

The person working behind the curtain to bring these new products to life and coordinate the creation of the marvelous tree in our USITT booth is Jenny Knott. We are very proud of the fact that Jenny was invited to join the USITT Board of Directors this past year. It's a perfect fit because, if you've ever had the chance to see one of her workshops, you know how passionate Jenny is about educating scenic artists around the world, not only about Rosco scenic products, but also about good scenic painting technique.

Having earned her MFA in Theatre Design and Technology at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, Jenny's teachings come from years of hands-on experience. Jenny, as a member of United Scenic Artists Local 829, has painted numerous productions in a variety of interesting locations across the country, including On and Off Broadway, regional theatres such as the Guthrie Theatre, the Goodspeed Opera House, and the Kennedy Center, and contract work for companies like VEE Corporation, Tobins Lake Studio and Scaena Studios.

She has also instructed scenic artistry at the University of Illinois, served as the resident associate scenic instructor at the Smithsonian and has also taught scenic technique through several of her inspiring articles that she has contributed to "The Painters Journal" over the years.

If you're attending USITT and you are responsible for creating the scenic elements for your productions, then you'll want to be sure to catch this workshop session "It's a Jungle in There - Materials & Tricks For Flat & Phat Fabulous Foliage" featuring Jenny alongside scenic painting experts Diane Fargo, Peter Miller, and Abby Hogan, Wednesday 3/28 from 9:15 AM – 10:30 AM in room 104A. For a list of all of Rosco's USITT activities, click here.

Whether you're on the show floor or attending workshops in Long Beach this week, or if you're keeping up on the action at your computer in Providence, Rhode Island - stay tuned to Rosco's Facebook and Twitter pages for all of the breaking USITT news.


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