Happy Holidays from Rosco Spectrum

Rosco LitePad helped add some holiday glow to an unloved Christmas ornament on our family Christmas tree this year. We have two vintage beeswax ornaments that were sent to us from family. Due to their heirloom status we feel obligated to put the ornaments on the tree, but they end up looking awkward  because they take up too much space - so they get put on the window side of the tree for the passers-by to see, not the living room side where any visitors to our house would easily see them.

Since the ornaments are now seen through the window, I thought I would add some extra illumination to the ornament (a side-effect of working for Rosco for 11 years is that I want to add light to just about any crafty project I involve myself with). One of the ornaments is a beeswax house that was big enough for me to put a 3" square LitePad behind. I attached the LitePad to the back of the beeswax ornament using some Crystal Gel. The Crystal Gel bonded to both the acrylic of the LitePad and to the beeswax, which is a difficult undertaking as beeswax is a difficult substrate to adhere to. The LitePad's soft glow illuminates the ornament perfectly and doesn't generate any heat to melt or soften the wax. Now the passers-by get to see a glowing part of our family that they probably would have missed before. Take a look at the results below:Happy holidays and an "illuminating" new year from all of us here at Rosco Spectrum.

Joel Svendsen December 22, 2010 Questions?

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