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Last month ETC posted a great story on their blog Light Minds Think Alike showing photos of how the people at ETC personalize their workspaces.  The saying “Great companies are comprised of great people.” is true and can extrapolate into “Creative companies are comprised of creative people.”   ETC’s blog introduced its readers to the creative people they have working there, showing some of their individual personalities.

Rosco also has a wonderful collection of creative individuals, Computron 3000 not with standing (see picture below) and we tip our hats to ETC with our own collection of cubicles and office decor from three US Rosco offices: Stamford, CT, Glendale, CA and Round Rock, TX.

Enjoy –

Tracey Cosgrove – Director of Continuous Improvement

This is a perfect case of not judging a colleague by her bulletin board. Despite the dark wardrobe, hot flashes and jarred conscience – there is no one at Rosco more committed to excellence at Rosco.

Ame Strong – Rosco Architectural Market Manager

By Ame’s own admission – this is a staged photo and a “stunt-desk”. You’d expect nothing less from a person whose job description involves working daily with architects and interior designers. Her real desk is just out of frame to the left and piled high with projects. Note – the art on the wall was painted by Rosco’s very own Megan Barry in our LA office.

Mike Wagner – Product Manager: RoscoVIEW and LitePad

The ONLY Rosco employee with his own bobblehead. What does the R. stand for? Guesses?

Henry Cowen – Customer Service, TX

I love photobooth strips! Henry keeps these fantastic photos of him with his son River to keep his mind focused on the job at hand. Then he uses the glass gobo design to the right to clear his mind when it’s time to reboot. Me personally? I’d like a print of gobo #86742 Sky-Dye to stare at.

Mina Desimini – Accounting

The babies on Mina’s bulletin board are the newest additions to the Rosco Family Tree. You can’t help but notice Ed Donohue’s grand daughter and her reading material. I guess North Carolina’s education system starts them young.

Stephanie Lozos – Customer Service – TX

Stephanie LOVES monkeys – reaLLy. She also cannot resist using capitol “L’s” at all times. ReaLLy.

Rosco Texas

Meet Gobotron 2000 – in about 30 years he’ll be sent back in time to protect Sarah Conner.

Rosco Texas 2

The customer service staff in Texas is under a tremendous amount of pressure to get their time sensitive gobos made and out the door properly. When the pressure gets high – they go to the Happy Door and ask Winnie the Pooh for calm and guidance.

Huey Davis – Warehouse Manager – LA Office

Huey’s brain knows that Joel moved to Minneapolis, but his mouth keeps telling people he moved to Milwaukee. The best was Huey telling a customer that Joel was in Milwaukee and our UPS rep, who was sitting there waiting for Huey to get off the phone, corrected him.





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