Sharpening Your Eye For Detail

You might already be familiar with Rosco’s LitePad, a slim profile light that creates a soft, even source of light. Its unique features make if perfect for many different situations. In architectural and retail lighting, in still photography and in film/video sets, it's a simple, fast and economical solution.

The photo below shows how a 6” x 12” LitePad HO (shown in the upper left side by the window with ½ CTO on it) was used on a film set to supplement the practical light fixture on the table. In such a tight space, LitePad was the perfect solution to achieve the effect.


LitePad being used as the perfect lighting solution in a tight space.


Below you can see the camera shot with the result of using the LitePad.


The end result showing soft, even light with the help of LitePad.


Now that you’ve looked at the details of this set up, lets see if you can sharpen your eye for some more details in this fun exercise.

The first photo below is the original image, but the second photo below has been manipulated. Compare the two and if you’ve got a keen enough eye, spot the 7 changes made to the image and enter your list in the comments. The first 10 correct lists of the changes will win a free Rosco 100 anniversary t-shirt.



The original image.



Can you spot the 7 changes made to this photo?


(We won’t post the comments until after the prizes have been won. So don’t worry about giving away the answers when you comment.) We will contact the winners directly

Have fun and remember it’s all in the details.


Joel Svendsen September 13, 2010 Questions?

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