Rosco Gathers to Celebrate 100 Years

Did you know that every summer Rosco employees from around the world gather in Stamford, CT to discuss strategy, sales successes and look at new products or product developments? The theme for this year’s annual meeting was ‘Did You Know?’ So, I thought I’d take a moment and share with you some of my favorite Did You Know? statements that came out of the meeting:

Did You Know:

  1. That Rosco employs over 250 people globally, with offices in five continents?
  2. There are over 70 employees at Rosco with over 10 years of experience?
  3. How competitive Rosco people are?

At this year’s meeting we competed in Rosco-lympics – a series of games played one afternoon during the meeting. Events included Twister, Bananagrams, 3-Legged Race, Hula Hoops and more. Needless to say silliness ensued and here some pictures from the event:


(L)Cristian Arroyo Mora – Rosco Spain & Mr. Katagiri (Kat) – Rosco Japan (R)Paul DeVille – Rosco UK and Dave Jungck – Rosco US Compete in the Rosco-lympics wheelbarrow race



It’s the UK vs the Netherlands in a fierce battle of Connect Four! (back) Ron Knell – Rosco UK vs Lex Verstraaten – Rosco NL (front) Frank Lambrechts – Rosco NL vs Richard McKitty – Rosco UK



Steve Gallaher, US VP of Ops (most competitive person at Rosco), struggles with his hula hoop as Anne & John Hunter, Rosco TX, Steve Ramos, Rosco Arch. UK, Matt Delong, Rosco Floors, Ame Strong, Rosco Arch. US look on



Rosco Europe + Rosco Canada = Three Legged Teamwork Andreas Dessloch – Rosco Europe + Stephen Spendiff - Rosco Canada vs Jeff Armstrong – Rosco Canada + Kees Frijters – President of Rosco Europe



Phil Greenstreet and Diane Ricci (the company’s 2nd most competitive person) take aim in the bean bag toss while Ricardo Ortiz of Rosco Mexico looks on.



All of the Rosco-lympics competitors



This year’s meeting was special as we took a moment to celebrate our 100th anniversary together as a global company. The celebratory banquet included ‘casino-style’ games (did I mention we were competitive?) coupled with other boisterous events of the night to make the memories of Rosco turning 100 fond for all of us involved.


Larry Love – Rosco CT warehouse manager, shows off his muscle as he wins big at Blackjack



It's West Coast vs East Coast as Dave Jungck takes on Chad Tiller in a game of STUFF IT!




Hyacinth Callender, Rosco Poet Laureate, reads her poem of what it means to work for Rosco to her colleagues


Perhaps the most moving moment of the night came at the end, when Hyacinth Callender read aloud a poem she wrote about what it means to work for Rosco. Hyacinth works in our operations department pulling gel sheets for outgoing orders and also serves as our poet laureate.


As the night drew to a close, you couldn’t help but think about how much has changed since Rosco first opened its doors back in 1910. As I shared the week with my Rosco colleagues, what became strikingly apparent to me was the one constant that has held true at Rosco since day one – Teamwork. It was Sidney Rosenstein & Mac Weiner back in 1910 – now it’s Sales, Marketing, Customer-Service and Operations professionals from around the world working together as Team Rosco.


Team Rosco assembled in front of Rosco’s Stamford, CT Headquarters



Joel Svendsen August 31, 2010 Questions?

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