Lighting is a girl's best friend ...

especially if you are an actress, then technically your best friend is your LD. The tabloids are notorious for trying to guess which actresses have had plastic surgery (“Did they or didn’t they”?) to maintain their Hollywood youthfulness.

Sometimes their defense is good lighting and a good LD. Recently Teri Hatcher posted self-taken photos of herself to her Facebook page to prove to critics that she has not recently had any work done to her face. Posing without makeup and raising her eyebrows with expression, she wanted to show no Botox was present.


Teri Hatcher's mirror photos showing her face can move.


While praising that all women are beautiful, surgeries or not, she then posted  “Just me wanting to teach that all those glam versus trash pictures of celebs are about LIGHTING. It's not makeup it's not surgery or Botox its LIGHT," the actress said. "Flat front light in your face, especially sun setting 4pm light blows out all wrinkles and imperfections.”

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Michelle Pfeiffer has also credited good lighting with her youthful look on screen.

Back in 2009, being interviewed for her movie Cheri, she said: “The whole thing to looking great in films is your lighting.”


Michelle Pfeiffer looking young and well lit.


‘If they have the right light on you, it makes no difference what face creams you use because they can make bags under your eyes disappear and all the lines on your cheek go away. This is what can age you 20 years or take 20 years off. Any of us know to make friends with the lighting director, that’s the guy who’s your best friend in making a movie.’

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And then we all know the powerful lesson learned in the infamous Seinfeld episode on how lighting effects how you look:

A girl’s best friend really is her lighting designers and their knowledge of lighting and gel.  They keep you looking like this:


Actress Teri Hatcher


And not this:


Actor Aaron Eckhart as Two-Face


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