How Two Rosco DMG MAXI™ Lights Helped Create A Video Studio On Stage

Cha See is a Rosco Ambassador and New York City-based lighting designer for theatre, environmental performance, and on-site installations. She recently designed a theatrical production that had a unique need for film lighting fixtures to be used on stage. The Public Theater’s world premiere production of JORDANS was set inside a production studio where videography and photography were shot during the show. Cha knew she needed to incorporate film lights that were lightweight, user-friendly, and packed with color options to enhance her design. Being familiar with Rosco products, she knew the DMG MAXI™ would be the perfect fit.

Watch this fabulous interview with Cha See to learn more about her lighting design for JORDANS.

Having previous knowledge of Rosco’s products and their color-mixing capabilities, Cha’s first instinct was to check what the MAXI had to offer. She noted, “My go-to is Rosco,” and for this production that mindset paid off well. The DMG MAXI was the clear choice with its full-spectrum color rendering and powerful punch. Cha says she read all the specs and she knew “This is it,” she had found the perfect fixture for the '2020 urban vibe' that the script called for.

A Rosco DMG MAXI light on stage with Brian Muller, Ryan Spahn, and Matthew Russell during a production of JORDANS at The Public Theater.Brian Muller, Ryan Spahn, and Matthew Russell in the world premiere production of JORDANS, written by Ife Olujobi and directed by Whitney White. Photo credit: Joan Marcus.

The DMG MAXI can produce virtually any color desired, which Cha took advantage of. “I like to use in-between colors” she explained, “for instance, not just green but kind of green. And pink shades too, where a brighter pink exists, but my color is somewhere in-between one shade of pink and the next.” By using the fixture’s built-in MIX® Technology, Cha was able to bring her colorful vision to life in a matter of seconds.

Naomi Lorrain interacts with a Rosco DMG MAXI on stage for JORDANS at The Public Theater.Actor Naomi Lorrain interacts with a Rosco DMG MAXI on stage.

Because JORDANS primarily takes place in an urban studio that is single-handedly run by Jordan, the “Atlas Studios” receptionist, film lights with a lightweight form factor were necessary so that the actor could seamlessly push them around on stage. Weighing in at just under 18 lbs, the DMG MAXI was manageable for the actors and didn’t pose any safety concerns. Knowing there wasn’t much room on stage, Associate Lighting Supervisor Colin JB modified two speaker stands for the fixtures instead of using typical film light stands that have a much larger footprint.

Two Rosco DMG MAXI fixtures light the video studio cyclorama in a vibrant pink and purple blend for JORDANS at The Public Theater.The DMG MAXI fixtures on custom-made light stands to minimize their footprint on stage.

Cha noted how the MAXI Dome Accessory spread the color out evenly and “wasn’t too hot in one area.” She also shared that the fixture was surprisingly bright and only needed to be set at 10% to achieve the look she wanted, while also saving the audience’s eyes. Colin mentioned the crossfade between colors and color temperatures was excellent and “not something they’d experienced” while using other types of film lighting fixtures.

Ryan Spahn and Brontë England-Nelson perform on stage with a Rosco DMG MAXI inside the video studio set constructed on stage for JORDANS at The Public Theater.Ryan Spahn and Brontë England-Nelson in the world premiere production of JORDANS, written by Ife Olujobi and directed by Whitney White. Photo credit: Joan Marcus.

The lights also needed to be controlled via wireless DMX to allow for full mobility on and off stage – and the DMG MAXI delivered flawless results. The fixture features the LumenRadio CRMX Timo FX transceiver and Colin shared that the DMX connection “was solid” throughout the production, which was necessary to keep up with the quick lighting cues Cha had created.

Two DMG MAXI fixtures, viewed from behind, were used to help light the video studio set constructed on stage for JORDANS at The Public Theater.The DMG MAXIs were controlled on stage via wireless DMX.

Cha set out to find film lights to use on stage for the first time in her career that could meet the demands of her love for color and the director’s stage directions. The DMG MAXIs provided, while becoming a character of their own! When talking to Cha about the lights for this article, I mentioned that the lights were prop-like, but she corrected me saying “The DMG MAXIs were characters!” In fact, Mariana Lobato, a playgoer, said that she noticed the MAXI fixtures “immediately” and they “became part of the show.”

Originally from the Philippines, Cha See is an award-winning lighting designer. To learn more about her work, please visit, follow @seethruuu on Instagram, or read the other Rosco Spectrum articles that feature her lighting designs: Green Lighting Three Ways For “Houseplant” and Lighting Between The Scrims With Rosco Braq Cubes®.

v2 dmg_maxi_pink_web copyThe Rosco DMG MAXI

Because influencers and social videos have become a staple – and a source of drama – in modern-day life, we can probably expect to see more plays set inside video studios. If your next production needs film lights you can trust on stage, be sure to learn more about all of our DMG fixtures – including the DMG MAXI - by visiting the DMG Lighting product page on the Rosco website.

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Feature photo: Meg Steedle, Naomi Lorrain, Brian Muller, and Matthew Russell
in the world premiere production of
JORDANS at the Public Theater.
Written by Ife Olujobi and directed by Whitney White.
Photo credit: Joan Marcus.

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