How to Create Durable, Vibrant, and Water-Resistant Halloween Décor

For 26 years, Dawn and Mike Stanley have been transforming their Southern California block into different Disneyland rides to raise money for Camp Pendelton’s Marine Regiment. This year’s theme, Nightmare Before Christmas, has been in the works since January and was revealed on October 14th. The street receives thousands of visitors during the Halloween season and has become a must-see local attraction. The Stanley family upped their game this year by investing in two Rosco scenic products: FoamCoat™ and Fluorescent Paint, which were recommended to them by members of the scenic community.


Using FoamCoat To Protect Styrofoam Props

The Stanleys admit they aren’t professionals and were looking to for a new way to protect their props, after using a coating product in 2022 that ended up cracking. That’s when they started researching and reaching out to like-minded scenic artists for recommendations. What they heard loud and clear was that FoamCoat was the solution they were looking for.

Rosco Foamcoat on styrofoam props

Most of their props are carved Styrofoam and needed significant protection from the weather. The FoamCoat provides a rigid protective layer for the foam props that resists chipping or cracking. Once it’s dry, the FoamCoat can be sanded and painted, and the props have a durable, water-resistant, and flame-retardant finish. “Once cured, it’s easy to sand and holds its shape while creating the project,” Dawn noted, “which provided a quality coating for all the elements.”

Foamcoat Halloween blog quad well prop

Creating Next Level Scenic Elements With Fluorescent Paint

“Fluorescent paint isn’t easy to come by,” Dawn shared. “We found many spray options, but had no luck with gallons.” The majority of Fluorescent paint is sold as spray paint or in small containers that aren’t effective for large scale projects. While she was looking at FoamCoat on the Rosco website, she found that Rosco Fluorescent Paint is offered in gallons and quarts and was overjoyed.

Foamcoat Halloween blog mural vertical 2

They used the Fluorescent Paint to create an 8’ x 10’ (2.4m x 3m) mural and a variety of props, which Dawn noted “took them to the next level” and made those particular scenic elements look amazing at night. The colors are bright and vibrant when bathed in black light, and Dawn mentioned they were easy to use.

Foamcoat Halloween blog fluorescent props

The Stanley’s 2023 Nightmare Before Christmas theme is proving to be a success, with hundreds of visitors since the reveal nearly two weeks ago. This annual project creates a sense of community between neighbors. The Stanley family accepts help from anyone who comes by. If someone walks up during prep time, they give them a job to do. They hope their work inspires artists to “go for it” and “do art” because even though it may not be perfect, it’s beautiful in its own way.

To learn more about the Stanley Family’s work, visit the Stanleyhaus website. For more information about the Rosco scenic products they used to create their Halloween display, visit the FoamCoat and Fluorescent Paint product pages on the Rosco website.

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