DMG DASH™ Octa Kit - What Can You Create With Eight?

After the launch of our extremely popular DMG DASH Pocket LED Kit and DMG DASH Quad Kit, the most common request we received was for a larger kit that contained more fixtures – in a configuration that easily showed its contents. We were also asked to provide a solution for charging multiple DMG DASH fixtures at one time. All of that feedback led to the development of the DMG DASH Octa Kit, which contains eight DMG DASH W/CRMX fixtures and eight sets of accessories – all inside a rolling charging case. This new DMG DASH kit provides easy-to-carry lighting equipment that is ideal for filmmakers and videographers.

Being that the Octa Kit has eight DMG DASH fixtures inside, we asked the question, what could a filmmaker do with eight DASH lights on set? So, we took on the “What Can you Create with Eight” challenge to create our Octa Kit promo video. We rented a working kitchen set, hired an actress with cooking skills, and shot a video in the style of a cooking show or restaurant commercial. The video features two main setups:

  • Setup #1 – Our chef cooking at the stove, which utilized all eight DMG DASH lights.
  • Setup #2 – Our chef prepping and plating the meal at the countertop, which required five DMG DASH lights.

Examples from both setups – and how they used the contents of the DMG DASH Octa Kit – are described below.

Setup #1 – Cooking At The Stovetop

All eight lights inside the DMG DASH Octa Kit lighting a scene.

Three DMG DASH As Overhead Lighting

DMG DASH Lights as overhead lighting
We started by rigging multiple DMG DASH fixtures to a pole that was hung above the countertop. This was done to replace the pre-existing practical fixtures that had an undesirable green shift. From the Octa Kit, we took three DMG DASH lights with three Light Stand Mounts and three Dome Diffusers, and we mounted them to the horizontal pole using Cardellini clamps. These lights added soft illumination to the countertop in the foreground while providing a flattering top light for our talent.

One DMG DASH For Downlight On The Stovetop

DMG DASH Light with magnetic mount on metal stove hood

To light the action happening at the stove, and the closeup shots of the ingredients cooking in the pan, we added a DMG DASH inside of the stove hood instead of using the hood's light, which was harsh and unflattering. From the Octa Kit, we pulled one DMG DASH light with one Dome Diffuser and one Magnetic Mount. We were able to affix the light to the metal hood using the Magnetic Mount and, thanks to the three available ¼-20 thread points on the DMG DASH, we could angle the light to hit the stovetop perfectly. Having a professional pocket light available for small space shooting is a must in this type of scene.

Two DMG DASH To Create A Pop Of Color In The Background

DMG DASH Light with Storaro Cyan color
We wanted to add a dash of color to add depth into the scene and highlight the graffiti artwork on the rear brick wall. From the Octa kit, we pulled two DMG DASH lights with two Flat Diffusers. With the fixtures in GEL MODE, we ran through the menu of Rosco True Color gel matches and chose R2005 Storaro Cyan to create a saturated teal uplight in the background. This look felt like something you might see in trendy restaurants or bars. No additional mounting or rigging was needed. We simply laid them directly on the countertop and hid them behind various appliances or props that were on the counter.

One DMG DASH To Enhance Visual Effects

DMG DASH Light with the Flame Effect

One of our favorite shots in the whole video is the moment our chef, Thembekile Dube, flambéd the pan to get a flash of real fire. While working with fire (safely!) certainly makes for a dynamic shot, there’s usually a need to augment the flame with additional lighting to help the exposure in-camera. So, we supplemented the fiery light from the pan with the built-in Firelight Effect in the DMG DASH. From the Octa Kit, we pulled one DMG DASH light with one Flat Diffuser and one Eggcrate. After placing the DMG DASH in EFFECTS MODE, we selected the Firelight effect and adjusted its flicker speed and brightness to suit the scene. We used the Eggcrate accessory to narrow the beam angle and keep the light around the stovetop in order to avoid the feeling of firelight coming from odd angles. With our light enhancing the real thing, the fire effect felt naturalistic and not artificial, and it read beautifully on camera.

One DMG DASH As Fill Light

DMG DASH Light with DOT as a fill light

The final light in the stovetop setup was an extra bit of fill light. From the Octa Kit, we pulled one DMG DASH light and attached a DOT Round Diffuser Accessory. While the DOT is not included with the Octa Kit, it's a great additional DASH accessory to have handy for creating extra soft fill light. We mounted the DASH/DOT combo right below the camera to add fill light into some of our stovetop scenes.

Setup #2 – Plating At The Counter

Five DMG DASH Lights on set as eye light and fill light

Four DMG DASH LINK Together To Become A Key Light

Assembling four DMG DASH lights with a DMG DASH LINK4

The Octa Kit comes with two DMG DASH LINK4 adapters. These can be used to connect four DMG DASH fixtures together into a single larger and brighter source. From the Octa Kit, we pulled four DMG DASH lights and connected them together with one LINK4 adapter. We also used a DMG DASH SNAPBAG® Accessory (not included in the Octa Kit) that homogenized the light from all four fixtures to create a lightweight key light. Having the four battery-operated lights enabled us to move our key light quickly around the set as the situation demanded to illuminate the scene.

One DMG DASH For Eye Light

DMG DASH light with a DOT Round Diffuser as a fill light

When lighting high-contrast scenes, it's sometimes helpful to add an eye light for the talent. From the Octa Kit, we pulled one DMG DASH light and paired it with the DOT Round Diffuser again. We mounted the DASH/DOT just under the camera using an articulating arm. That way, anywhere the camera moved to follow our chef, we could create that gorgeous ping of round light in her eyes.

What We Created With Eight – The Final Tally

For the stovetop setup, we used the following components from the DMG DASH Octa Kit:

  • All Eight DMG DASH Fixtures
  • Four Dome Diffusers
  • Two Flat Diffusers
  • One Eggcrate
  • Three Light Stand Mounts
  • One Magnetic Mount
  • One DOT Round Diffuser (Not included in the Octa Kit)

For the countertop setup, we used the following components from the DMG DASH Octa Kit:

  • Five DMG DASH Fixtures
  • One DMG DASH LINK4 Adapter
  • One DMG DASH SNAPBAG® (Not included in the Octa Kit)
  • One DOT Round Diffuser (Not included in the Octa Kit)

De-Rig And Recharge

DMG DASH pocket light with charging case

After the shoot was complete, we quickly gathered the lights and placed them back into the compact rolling Octa Case to charge the fixtures' batteries and ensure all eight lights would be ready to go for the next project.

If you’re ready to see what you can create with eight DMG DASH fixtures – be sure to visit our Octa Kit product page to learn more about this exciting new lighting kit. The DMG Octa Kit is available wherever Rosco and DMG products are rented and sold.


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