Creating An Underwater HOME For Phoebe The Flamingo at Tampa Airport

Last year, Tampa International Airport (TPA) unveiled a 21-foot-tall flamingo sculpture that has become a focal point for its visitors. This site-specific art installation, entitled HOME, was designed by Award-Winning Artist Matthew Mazzotta who took concepts from his own travels to develop the piece. Because flamingoes are one of the most recognizable animals to call Florida home, this large flamingo sculpture stands as a reminder to travelers that the word "home" applies to wildlife as well as people. The installation uses Rosco X-Effects® LED Projectors to create the sensation of being submerged alongside  a flamingo as it searches for its food underwater. This experience is designed to remind everyone traveling through TPA that we all share the same home.

To create the flamingo's underwater environment, Mazzotta installed ten 5500K X-Effects Projectors above the mirrored ceiling, which serves as the surface of the water in the installation.  He then used the X-Effects fixtures to project a Reflected Water Effect that ripples across the top of the sculpture and down onto the floor. Mazzotta used the combination of the mirrored ceiling and this aquatic lighting effect to  make it feel like the flamingo is plunging its head underwater inside the TPA terminal.

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HOME took two years of collaboration to fully install and has since gained a generous amount of attention from travelers and media outlets alike. The giant flamingo, affectionately named Phoebe, can be seen from many vantage points throughout the terminal. This not only allows visitors to enjoy the immersive experience while on their way to their destinations, but many people traveling through TPA also use Phoebe as an excellent meeting point inside the airport.

Rosco X-Effects LED Projectors submerge Phoebe The Flamingo in an underwater lighting effect at TPA.

Phoebe, who just celebrated her first birthday, got her name from an international naming contest with 65,000 entries worldwide. Since being introduced, she’s become a social media star! If you find yourself face-to-face with Phoebe during your next trip through Tampa Airport, be sure to snap a selfie and tag @rosco_labs and @flytpa on Instagram.

Matthew Mazzotta is an award-winning architect and designer who works at the intersection of art, activism, and urbanism. His unique projects focus on the power of the built environment to shape our relationships and experiences. To learn more about Matthew’s body of work visit: or follow @matthewmazzotta on Instagram.

The Rosco X-Effects LED Projector

Rosco X-Effects® LED Projector

For more information about the projector that Mazzotta used to bring travelers into Phoebe’s underwater environment, visit the X-Effects LED Projector Product Page on the Rosco website.



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