Why Connecticut Ballet Chose Rosco Duètte™ For Their New Touring Marley Floor

Founded by choreographers Brett Raphael and Luk de Layress in 1981, Connecticut Ballet is well known for their annual production of The Nutcracker and their free summer production of Ballet Under the Stars. But the company also performs on many stages throughout New England, so they need a good dance surface they can install inside any venue. After dancing on their current touring marley floor for many years, Brett decided to replace their aging dance surface before their Spring production of Alice In Wonderland began. Knowing that he would need a high-quality floor that would keep up with the demands of touring and the company's dance style variations, he turned to Rosco’s new Duètte floor as the perfect solution.

Connecticut Ballet dancers experiencing their new Rosco Duètte floor for the first time

Duètte is dimensionally stable, meaning it rolls out flat and stays flat even with temperature fluctuations. This was intriguing to Brett since the floor travels via truck from venue to venue and can oftentimes become either very cold or hot during transportation. These temperature shifts typically cause the floor to have a wave-like look to it as it is rolled out, which causes delays in installation because the floor must lay flat to be taped down and avoid safety concerns.


The first time they rolled their new Duètte floor out on stage, Brett was pleased to see that it laid flat immediately – eliminating the “Marley Stomp” they usually have to do to get the floor to lay flat.

Rolling out the new Rosco Duètte marley floor at The Palace Theatre in Stamford, CT.Duètte being rolled out at The Palace Theatre in Stamford, CT

The flat surface reduces the risk of injury due to ripples that can be tripped over. “I like that it’s flat and there’s no ripples,” said Connecticut Ballet soloist Carla Hernandez after dancing on the new Duètte floor. “Usually there are ripples and we have to stay in one spot to jump and turn but this one is flat.”

Dancers warming up on Duètte - Rosco's new marley floor.Dancers warming up on the new Duètte floor.

The floor exceeded expectations during the first rehearsal inside the performance venue. Brett explained that “typical new floors are slick and get their traction over time,” but Duètte had “the right amount of traction from the start.” He was surprised that none of the dancers had requested putting down some rock rosin (hardened tree sap used to give more grip for dancers) even after 20 minutes on the floor.

Connecticut Ballet performs Brett Raphael’s Alice in Wonderland at The Palace Theatre using Rosco's new Rosco Duètte marley dance floor.Connecticut Ballet in Brett Raphael’s Alice in Wonderland, Palace Theatre, Stamford

The dancers were comfortable on the new floor immediately, which made Brett feel at ease knowing there would be no hesitation while performing at both The Bushnell Performing Arts Center and The Palace Theatre. “It feels really good when I go to prep for a pirouette,” noted Connecticut Ballet soloist Ava Prentice. “I feel like I have traction but when I’m actually up en pointe turning it’s a little less, which is good.”

Connecticut Ballet dancers perform on Rosco's new Duètte marley floor dance surface during Brett Raphael’s Alice in Wonderland at The Palace Theatre.Connecticut Ballet in Brett Raphael’s Alice in Wonderland, Palace Theatre, Stamford

From its easy installation to its perfect traction surface, Duètte was clearly the correct choice for Connecticut Ballet’s new touring dance floor. Brett plans to use this floor for specific performances where the base floor of the venue is clean so he can keep his new Duètte dance floor as pristine as possible for many years to come!

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