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Let's create something brilliant together.

Let's create something brilliant together.

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Four Miro Cube 2 Models

Featuring Next-Gen technology, that deliver unprecedented performance.

Ludicrous Mode™ For Maximum Output

This patented technology intelligently redistributes power to maximize the output of the 50-watt Miro Cube 2 fixture - no matter what hue or color temperature it's producing. Nothing needs to be done to take advantage of this extraordinary feature - every Miro Cube 2 ships with Ludicrous Mode enabled.

WNC: 4100 Lumens

4C: 1443 Lumens

4CA: 1135 Lumens

UV365: 10,800 m/W

Compact & Sleek Design

Not only is Miro Cube 2 bright - this powerful fixture is small and attractive too. The 4.3 in x 4.3 in x 4.9 in (109mm x 109mm x 125mm) cube-shaped light is packed with state-of-the-art LED technology that provides maximum output and flicker-free dimming. Whether they're illuminating a museum, a house of worship, or a retail store - the universal design of the Miro Cube 2 lighting fixtures will feel at home in any venue. The fixture features rounded corners and side accent panels, and it can be ordered in custom color combinations to fit into any interior design scheme.

Control Options

Miro Cube 2 fixtures can be controlled by many popular control options, including: 0-10VDC and RDM compatible DMX. They can also be controlled via iOS mobile devices using the myMIX™ Connect accessory and the free myMIX™ App. Miro Cube 2 also features a unique Master Dim Mode that enables users to set their desired color, or color temperature, then dim the fixture at those settings via a single control channel.


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