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Let's create something brilliant together.

Let's create something brilliant together.

Rosco DMG DASH™ Octa Kit

What Can You Create With Eight?

“The lights inside the DMG DASH Octa Kit were incredibly flexible. The kit was so well organized that it was easy to spot if anything was missing, and easy to charge all of the lights for the next day.”

- Cinematographer Sarah Whelden

Learn More About The DMG DASH Octa Kit


  • Includes eight DMG DASH W/ CRMX fixtures, eight sets of beam shaping & mounting accessories, and two LINK4 adaptors in a durable charging case.
  • Capable of charging eight DMG DASH fixtures in less than three hours.
  • The rigid, rolling Octa Case contains custom foam cutouts that organize and protect the DMG DASH fixtures and accessories inside.