Film, Video and Broadcast Market Manager: Prior to joining Rosco, Tom enjoyed over 25 years of production lighting while working for major television networks and feature film production companies. Tom served as Managing Director of Rosco Canada since 1997, but his true passion lies in face to face engagement with gaffers, cinematographers and lighting directors. Tom's stories will reflect the trends and product developments he accumulates while visiting feature film sets, television shows and broadcast studios around the world.

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Rosco SoftDrop – The Background Visuals for Alex Buono’s Storytelling

Alex Buono is the Film Unit Cinematographer for Saturday Night Live and also the Co-Director/Cinematographer for IFC’s new comedy series Documentary Now! Alex’s work on SNL revolves around shooting the fake commercials and pre-filmed sketches in the show, which they oftentimes complete less than a week after receiving a script. Alex is back on the…

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Improve Your LEDs On Camera
With OPTI-FLECS LED Enhancement Filters

James Mathers has been the director of photography on over 30 feature and made-for-TV films and has been associated with six TV series from inception through the show’s first season. He is also the president and co-founder of the The Digital Cinema Society, a nonprofit educational cooperative dedicated to the industry’s informed integration of new…

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LitePad LED Technology Lights Up the Tech-Thriller “Text”

In the short film “Text,” two young women are terrorized by mysterious text messages. When they hit reply, it only leads to more dread from an unseen, supernatural force. The film was written by Ryder Page, based on a story from Yuri Chavez. “Text” not only explores the fear of what people can do with…

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