International Marketing Coordinator: Based in the Madrid office, Tatiana is ideally positioned to share inspiring stories of how customers use Rosco products to accomplish their ideas in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

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Capturing the Shadow of the International Year of Light

The Asociación Profesional de Diseñadores de Iluminación in Spain created “Captura Tu Sombra” (Capture Your Shadow) as a fun activity to bring 2015 – the International Year of Light – to an end. As a part of the Spanish IYOL closing ceremonies held at the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas headquarters in Madrid, they were…

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Illuminating the Roman Aqueducts with Water
Thanks to Rosco Flexible Silver Mirror

The installation “Stratificazione” was conceived with the objective to light up sections of the Roman Aqueduct with “an ephemeral intervention” as a part of the RGB Outdoor Light Festival organized by Luci Ombre.  As an official event for the UNESCO International Year of Light, the festival is conceived as a 5km route through Rome where…

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