Introducing Silk® 220
Powerful Output with the Softness of Silk

We are thrilled to announce the newest member of the Rosco Family of Silk LED Soft Lights – The Silk 220! As the brightest member of the family, we’re sure that filmmakers and broadcast lighting professionals will find many ways to put the Silk 220’s powerful-yet-flattering output to work lighting their sets.

The Silk 220 is a 2×2 soft light that produces an astonishing amount of light. Customers expect that if a light fixture doubles in size – its output should too. The Silk 220 does not disappoint!

Early tests in the field report that a Silk 220 has the equivalent output to a 2K tungsten Fresnel with an attached softbox – but the Silk 220 has a smaller footprint, variable color temperature, the option to run on batteries, and no noticeable hot spots!


As with other Rosco Silk lights, the bi-color Silk 220 is available as a standalone fixture, or you can purchase the Silk 220 Kit. Either way, the fixture offers all of the features cinematographers, gaffers and lighting directors have come to love about Rosco’s Silk LED technology, including:

  • TLCI, CRI, and R9 values in the high-90’s
  • A color temperature range of 2800K-6500K
  • Battery operation (via two V-Lock or Anton/Bauer batteries)
  • Available beam-shaping accessories, including: Egg Crate Louvers, Barndoors, and Softbox

One of Silk 220’s unique features is Center-Mount functionality. There are eight mounting holes on the back of the fixture that are tooled to mount a Swivel Plate (sold separately). This offers set lighting technicians easier positioning and more mounting options above and beyond the light stand.

The Silk 220 is the latest addition to the Silk family of LED soft lights. There are now five fixtures in the range, including the compact Silk 205, the bright and portable Silk 110, the Silk 210 workhorse, the unique Silk 305 – and now the powerful Silk 220. No matter what your next project is, we’ve got a Silk LED fixture to provide the pure, soft white light you need to properly illuminate it. Visit the Silk page on our website to learn more.








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